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5795We need volunteers for the December meeting!!!

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  • Marion Peterson
    Nov 11, 2009
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      The Program Committee needs your help. We've sent out a dist-gen message and advertised in the Breeze, but so far only four people have offered to "Bring and Brag" about their family treasures for the meeting on December 7.
      Due to the success of the meeting when people shared their family history projects, the committee decided to have another sharing session - this time with your stories about family heirlooms. Has Aunt Sally given you a special treasure because you are the family historian? Have you inherited something unique? What priceless article do you have in your possession that makes the rest of the family jealous? We'd like YOU to tell us about it.
      These items will not be put on display or passed around - unless you wish to do so. The idea is for you to show your article to the group and tell the story that goes with it. If you do not wish to get up on the podium, we will bring a microphone to you in the audience. If you are too shy to tell your own story, send a short description for me to read.
      Please consider submitting a photograph to be projected, especially if your item is too big or too fragile to bring to the meeting. All you need to do is send a digital image to me and I will include it in the PowerPoint presentation for the evening.
      Christine is threatening to tell us stories about her dog, or to get someone to sing Christmas carols, or something equally boring. So if you have something you would like to brag about, let me know as soon as possible.