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5746George Lake Tribute

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  • Charlie Hansen
    Sep 25, 2009
      Lorna Laughton wrote a fine summary of George's work and help for the AFHS, which is also on the AFHS website at present.

      I wonder how many of you are aware of his earlier accomplishments?  Did you realize that he was involved with the design and building of the first transistorized computer in Canada?  Sometimes during breaks at AFHS seminars or after meetings we would reminisce about our common interest with computers and electronics. George told me about the "Friends of CRC" website. See:


      This website tells the story of the DRTE ((Defence Research Telecommunications Establishment of the Defence Research Board) computer. At the top of this page is a fine photo of George at the console of the computer.  While the text is very technical, you might wish to check the balance of the pages (links at the bottom of the pages) for more pictures showing George at work with this computer. His contributions influenced the design of later computers and the development of the Canadian electronics and computer industries.

      George was also a Life Member of the IEEE ( The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

      George was a remarkable man, and as others have said, he will be greatly missed.

      Charlie Hansen