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5705Fw: HELP - re VISTA

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  • Carol Lylyk
    Jul 6, 2009
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      This is a message I received from Lynda Alderman an AFHS member who thought she was subscribed to Dist Gen but appears to have been unsubscribed somehow. 
      If anyone can help her , contact her directly at lynda363@...  please.
      Carol Lylyk
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      Sent: Monday, July 06, 2009 7:41 PM
      Subject: HELP - re VISTA

      I have a new Dell computer with VISTA.  I downloaded my digital camera software two days ago, Olympus Master 2, and was able to use it that day.  Subsequently, yesterday I went to work on this software and received the message
      "Olympus Master.exe - Application Error.  The application failed to initialize property (0xc0150004). Clic OK to terminate the application."    I then phoned the Olympus 1-800 number and worked with a technician for at least l  l/2 hours this morning as he tried to figure out the problem so I could use my Olympus Master 2 software.  He finally admitted he could not help, but has presented the problem to a higher technician who is supposed to be calling me on Wednesday.   My new Dell computer came with McAfee installed, and the Olympus technician had me uninstall that today in our attempts to solve the Olympus problem (I was planning to uninstall McAfee anyway and go to AVG later today.)  This evening I attempted to install AVG and was told there was an avqui.exe Application Error (Oxc0150004) and that the AVG User interface had stopped working.  So, I went to the internet to Windows Vista website and called their number.  A "microsoft certified technician" told me my .exe file has been corrupted and I need to pay that site $139.99 for 1 year, or $239.99 for two years to fix my .exe problem and solve any other problems I might have in the future.  I was completely amazed and ticked off with his solution and thought I'd ask dist-gen for advice.  So, now you know my problem...does anyone out there have a solution?  I would be most grateful for advice.
      Lynda Alderman