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5676RE: Congratulations to Periodicals Committee

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  • Xenia Stanford
    May 17, 2009
      Hi Heather,

      Thanks, but a typo in your message. It is the National Genealogical Society
      and the award is in the category for County or Local Genealogical or
      Historical Society Newsletter.

      Ottawa won in the Major Genealogical or Historical Society Newsletter and
      there is a third category for Family Association Newsletter. So Canadians
      won two of the three awards. Not bad.

      Anyway it was a privilege to represent AFHS at the National Genealogical
      Society Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. Rosemary and I learned a
      great deal, met very interesting people and had fun.

      Of course, the award was the achievement of many from writers to
      proofreaders and everyone else who supported the effort. After all,
      "teamwork is at the heart of great achievement" (John Maxwell).

      Xenia Stanford

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      Subject: Congratulations to Periodicals Committee

      I would like to congratulate the Periodicals Committee for their
      outstanding work on all tasks but also especially for the award they
      have recently received - Winning the Genealogical / Historical
      Society Journal award from the National Geographic Society.
      Great job and I'm pleased that both of you Xenia & Rosemary could
      attend the conference and receive the award and honours in person.

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