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  • Xenia Stanford
    May 9, 2009
      Hi all,

      As I mentioned in my presentation at the April meeting, I am writing the
      story of my experience going to a one-room school in Alberta. I have some
      photos to include and others I may buy from Glenbow and online photo
      sources. However, I am wondering if any of you have old time school photos I
      could use. Here are some of the things I am looking for: a strap, a handheld
      bell, a child writing lines on a blackboard or showing lines already
      written, children playing games in fall or spring (like Anti-I-Over, Rover,
      Hopscotch, skipping rope), children playing games in the snow (like Fox and
      Goose, snow angels), indoor games like crokinole, teacherage, inkwells,
      India Ink bottle, a billy goat, Christmas concert, etc.

      You may have a photo on a topic I haven't thought about. Email me telling me
      what you have and what you would like in return besides credit in the book!

      Xenia Stanford