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5654Re: Sending a gedcom from a PC to a MAC

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  • Suddie
    Apr 24, 2009
      On Fri, 2009-04-24 at 09:13 -0600, Lois Nicholson wrote:
      > Many thanks to everyone for their input. Good information, but it
      > looks like I should have been attending the Saturday Computer Classes,
      > as I now have more questions.
      > How do I change the format from .ged to .txt? Do I just prepare a
      > gedcom and change the file extension before I send it? And how do I
      > ZIP the gedcom?

      Depending on the software you have available the easiest way is to just
      change the file name from xxx.ged to xxx.txt. Or you can open the
      Gedcom file in NOTEPAD and save as a text file.
      To make a ZIP file you need an Archiver such as PKZIP. There are a lot
      of freebie programs available that will create archives, ZIP is just a
      common one.
      > Years ago I sent my cousin a gedcom to her MAC, but it wouldn't
      > import. She finally forwarded it to the LDS in Salt Lake, who put it
      > through their "washer and dryer", and from there she could import it.
      > However, I now have more info to send her.

      If your cousin is using Reunion you should have no problems. AQ does a
      pretty good job on Gedcom files, as a matter of fact it is one of two
      programs that was actually able to include images in a Gedcom, a
      function no longer included in GEDCOM 5.5 I've transferred a number of
      Gedcom files to Reunion with no problem. The Gedcom spec, if followed
      properly, takes care of the problem Gary G mentioned.

      > I'll look forward to hearing again from all you knowledgeable folks.
      > Regards,
      > Lois N.

      Suddie Bill
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