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5652Re: Sending a gedcom from a PC to a MAC

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  • Gary Gauthier
    Apr 24, 2009

      I don't believe you gave details on what is happening when the file
      fails to import, so the following comment may be off-base.

      First of all; a GED file is already a text file.
      It just contains characters organized in a specific way, so that the
      program can parse the lines to extract the information.

      You may find that zipping the file is not the solution. It is only
      used when transmitting the file causes its internal structure to change.
      This may not be the case here. The file structure may not be
      compatible in the first place.

      There is one key difference between MAC and the PC text files.
      They use different combinations of the Carriage Return and Linefeed
      characters to indicate the end of a line of text.
      This often messes with the parsing of text files by a program.
      This is especially true when going between MACs and PCs.
      If the program can't find the end of a line, it doesn't have a hope of
      parsing the contained information.

      The easiest way to fix this is by getting one of the free text file
      conversion programs on the web.
      Once you convert the file for the other system, you may have better


      On 24-Apr-09, at 9:13 AM, Lois Nicholson wrote:

      > Many thanks to everyone for their input. Good information, but it
      > looks like I should have been attending the Saturday Computer
      > Classes, as I now have more questions.
      > How do I change the format from .ged to .txt? Do I just prepare a
      > gedcom and change the file extension before I send it? And how do I
      > ZIP the gedcom?
      > Years ago I sent my cousin a gedcom to her MAC, but it wouldn't
      > import. She finally forwarded it to the LDS in Salt Lake, who put it
      > through their "washer and dryer", and from there she could import
      > it. However, I now have more info to send her.
      > I'll look forward to hearing again from all you knowledgeable folks.
      > Regards,
      > Lois N.
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