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5650RE: Sending a gedcom from a PC to a MAC

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Apr 23, 2009
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      Hi Lois,


      Have you tried? Depending upon the program that creates it and the program that opens it, it can work even if one system is Mac and the other PC. A program can lose data when creating a Gedcom or another when it opens it even if both programs are on a Mac or a PC. I have not used Ancestral Quest for many years and then I did not like the Gedcom features. I had my data in PAF and tried to send it as Gedcom to AQ. I gave up and switched to FTM. I was able to import most of my data though it took some work in setting up the fields. I exchanged with a family member who had a Mac program and I was able to open most of it in FTM. The fields missed were ones I didn’t know he had so I could not create a field for them in FTM. I have been transferring some data from FTM to Legacy because FTM corrupts and loses data that has nothing to do with import/export. I export and import from the same PC just different programs and I find certain fields disappear, but I am not well-versed in Legacy 7 yet. So I may be able to iron this out later.


      Anyway back to the MAC vs PC, I have heard about but not tried GEDitCom at http://www.mse.utah.edu/~nairn/geditcom.html as that is supposed to overcome the compatibility between different programs regardless of the platform.


      Give it a try and see if it works. Of course, backup or create a new file as a safeguard in case the experiment fails. I always backup every day I work on a file and every time I want to do a merge, which is often because I had to split my data among 5 different FTM files because the data in my file once it corrupted would not allow a 100% file transfer. (It also started losing older information once I continued data entry.) Now when I want to piece a family together I have to create Gedcoms from one file to open in another until I have all the people together in one FTM file. FTM opens a file saved in FTM format but only allows that for about 5 times. After that you have to do Gedcom from one FTM file to open in another FTM file (file or database).


      As Suddie said Gedcom is not the standard people assume it is. It differs as much from program to program as it does from platform to platform. This is apparently why GEDitCOM is supposed to be good. It claims to use a true standard. As I said, I haven’t used it, those are just the claims I have heard/read about. I am not sure how it can “make” the other programs fit its standard. Again may be worth a try if all else fails.


      Xenia Stanford


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      Subject: Sending a gedcom from a PC to a MAC


      Hello Folks:


      Could someone please advise me if it's possible to send a gedcom of my genealogy as an email attachment from my PC computer to a Mac Computer? I'm using Ancestral Quest 12; my cousin is running the latest Reunion program. My AQ export choices do not list Reunion as option. I'm familiar with preparing a gedcom, just unsure whether it would import into her program successfully.


      Many thanks in advance,

      Lois Nicholson

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