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5637Waterloo roll call

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Apr 8, 2009
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      After my talk someone (sorry I can’t remember who it was!) asked if I knew if there was a roll call or roster online for those who fought in the Battle of Waterloo. I hope she is reading this.


      For those of you with Battle of Waterloo ancestors, here is a connection to a book that you can search online to find your man!



      Click on right hand side the link that says “Flip this book” and then you will see on the left hand side, a link that says “Search this book.” Put in the surname of your man and hopefully you will find him!


      There are other sources online that I did not seem to add to My Favourites. I will see if I can find these again. Maybe for the fall issue of Chinook, I will write an article with the resources I have found.


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