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  • Xenia Stanford
    Apr 2, 2009
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      Speaking of the 1916 census, I tried to find a website that listed the columns because they are often hard to read and some of my clients wanted a list of the headings. So since no one else did it (that I could find), here is my list (any errors or omissions, let me know and I will update):



      Columns in 1916 Census


      Columns 1 & 2: House and Family Number in Order of recording

      Column 3: Name

      Column 4: Military Service

      Columns: 5, 6 and 7: Township, Range, Meridian for rural areas; for cities these were struck out and House number/address was written in the heading

      Column 8: Municipality, but in the case of a family in Edmonton, that was struck out and Street was written in as header

      Column 9: Relationship to head of household

      Column 10: Sex

      Column 11: Marital status (first initial from one of the following: Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced or Legally Separated)

      Column 12: Age at last birthday

      Column 13: Country or place of birth; if Canada specify province or territory

      Column 14: Religion

      Column 15: Year of immigration to Canada

      Column 16: Year of naturalization

      Column 17: Nationality

      Column 18: Racial or Tribal Origin

      Column 19: Can speak English

      Column 20: Can speak French

      Column 21: Other languages spoken as mother tongue

      Column 22: Can read

      Column 23: Can write

      Column 24: Chief occupation or trade

      Column 25: Employer = E, Employee = W, Working on own account = O.A.

      Column 26: State where person is employed, “on farm” etc.


      Xenia Stanford


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      I see the 1916 census of Western Canada on Microfilm is listed in the Catalogue of the Calgary Public Library now.


      Spencer Field.

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