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5624Genealogy Software Sale

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  • Beverley A. Rees
    Mar 31, 2009

      Greetings to AFHS members from Bev & Ken Rees:


      Just wanted to let everyone know that Ancestor Find will no longer be carrying genealogy supplies.   We have the following on sale for greatly reduced prices:


      6 copies of "Passage Express - Multimedia Presentation Software" - $20.00 each


      2 copies of "Legacy Training DVD Volume I" - $15.00 each

      4 copies of "Legacy Training DVD Volume II" - $15.00 each


      5 copies of "Personal Historian - Personal & Family History Writing Software"- $15.00 each


      1 copy of "AniMap Plus 2.6" - County Boundary Historical  Atlas with Site Finder U.S. Place Name Database - $10.00


      2 copies of "Writing a Compelling Family History" DVD by Sharon DeBartolo Cormack - $10.00 each


      Ken and I will be in Calgary on Monday for some reconstructive surgery on my ankle.  We are having some display items for Xenia's presentation being picked up at the Peter Lougheed hospital that day by Carol Lylyk.  If anyone is interested in any of the above I can send them along with her to take to the meeting.  Send me an email and let me know if you would like to purchase any of the above.   Cheques can be made out to Ancestor Find and given to Carol (there is no GST) - Carol will be returning the display items to us at the hospital so she can also bring the cheques to us as well.


      Sorry we can't be at the meeting!





      Beverley A. Rees, genealogist


      ph:  403.328.6388  fax: 403.327.6695



      Heritage Makers Personal Publishing Consultant