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5621Backups, viruses and the Conficker worm

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  • Joan Miller
    Mar 30, 2009
      Hi all,
      As genealogists with lots of precious data on our computers I'm sure most of us are backing up often...
      Here is a good overview of the April 1st virus that is making the rounds.  This came to me from our IT department at the university.
      The latest release of the Conficker worm (Also called the April Fool’s Virus) has received significant media attention of late.  McAfee however, rates the current risk assessment as Low and fixes and mitigation strategies are available.

      The Conficker worm exploits a vulnerability affecting the Microsoft Windows operating systems. In 2008, Microsoft released the MS08-067 security update to fix this vulnerability.

      Now in its third generation, W32/Conficker.worm.gen.c contains mechanisms for self defense and disables various services including security software and  Windows Automatic Update. The worm may also prevent users from running antivirus software and visiting antivirus websites.  On April 1st, the worm may download new malicious software on already infected hosts.

      Windows users are strongly advised to run Microsoft Update immediately to install the latest Microsoft security patches and ensure that their antivirus software is updated to the latest virus definitions.  (McAfee users at the UofC should right click on their McAfee ‘shield’ in the tray of their taskbar and select ‘update’)

      If you suspect your computer may be infected, McAfee has released a Conficker removal utility. To download W32/Conficker Stinger v10.0.1.533, go to the Avert Tools webpage:

      For a summary of information on W32/Conficker, see the McAfee KB60909 knowledgebase article:

      For more detailed instructions on detecting and combating this worm, see the McAfee Combatting W32 Conficker Worm PDF file:

      Joan Miller
      Luxegen Genealogy and Family History