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5612Articles on Ellis Island and Grosse-Ile

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Mar 23, 2009

      Hi everyone,


      I know you have not received your April issue of Chinook yet (and it may be a bit late due to a bad flu – I had the flu not Chinook!) but editing Chinook is like meal preparation at the farm where I grew up. No sooner is one meal over and dishes done when you have to start the next. In this case, you haven’t even sampled the meal for April when the timeline for July looms.


      The theme for July is Canadian immigration and yes, I know Ellis Island is in the U.S., but I’m sure many who entered through Ellis Island made their way eventually to Canada. I know one person in particular whose ancestor entered at Ellis Island, then made his way to Chicago and later to Alberta. The ancestor died on the B.C. coast so he had crossed the continent east coast to west coast. Thus, if anyone has experience with Ellis Island records and can write a short piece on it, we could run it in the July issue. Perhaps you even have a photo from your trip to visit this in person. Let me know.


      Of course, Grosse-Ile plays a prominent part in Canadian immigration and again we are seeking a writer for an article on this topic. So if you can do such an article or know someone who could, please let me know.


      Of course, any other articles on topics to do with Canadian immigration, let me know. Remember, Immigration means comes Into, Emigration means Exits from and Migration can be either way. It means Moves! So for July we want articles about how people came “Into Canada.”


      Which leads me to another possible article, what about the people who travelled by horse and buggy or other means to come north for land or for gold? Do you have such a story to tell about your ancestors trip overland?


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      Xenia Stanford

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