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5600Vista problems

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  • The Kashuba's
    Mar 6, 2009
      Thanks to all of you who attempted to help me.
      I ended up talking to a computer techie person who told me to right click on the attachment and "save as" in my documents.  I created a folder in my documents which I titled email .pps files.  I now save those .pps emails in there.
      When I go to those files I simply click on them and the existing PowerPoint viewer 2007, which was already in the computer, recognizes the file and opens it.  This is strictly a read only procedure.  To create a pps document on my own would require more programs.  We do not have office.
      As for creating an "Association" which is what the computer was wanting me to do, I am still unable to do that.  When I clicked on the attachment the computer wanted to open it with PowerPoint slide show.  In control panel under programs where I could set a default, the pps files were listed as Windows PowerPoint slide show and the default to open them was Windows  PowerPoint viewer which is in the computer.
      If you are confused, don't worry, at least we can now open these files, but I still say darn this Vista.