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  • Judith Rempel
    Mar 4, 2009
      I actually suspect that the problem is not with Vista.

      Microsoft Office 2007 stores files in a new format so that Excel files have
      the extension .xlsx and Word files have the extension .docx There may well
      be "viewers" online already at the Microsoft.com website.

      Alternatively, you could ask your correspondents to send them in a backward
      compatible format (Word 2003 uses .doc and Excel uses .xls). Or, if they
      struggle with that, I can read Office 2003 and Office 2007 files (and could
      "translate" them for you).

      BTW, I'm still using the XP operating system. Office 2007 is completely
      compatible with it and I'm very happy with Office 2007 (esp Excel which now
      has the capacity for up to 1 million lines of data. The 2003 version only
      could handle 64,000 as I recall).

      Judith Rempel

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      The problem is how to convert a Word or Text file document into a Tiff or
      JPG format

      I am not an expert.

      Try this software.


      I do not know if this other method will work.

      Right click on the document photo, go to Edit, In Edit you may or may not
      get a chance to Save in another format.

      If you can, save as a Tiff or jpg document.

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      Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 2009 11:06 AM
      Subject: Vista Problem

      > Hello:
      > I sent the following plea for help to "Computips" last month but did not
      > get a
      > reply. Now I am hoping that someone on dist-gen knows what to do.
      > My operating system is Windows 2000. I sent a Microsoft Word document as
      > an
      > attachment to an e-mail to a cousin in England. She has recently acquired
      > a new
      > laptop and the operating system is Vista. She says:
      > "It would not let me open your attachment. Apparently photo attachments
      > are no
      > problem but because it was Word it would not let me do it. It was telling
      > me to
      > create an association in the SET ASSOCIATION CONTROL PANEL, but I could
      > not find
      > this at all."
      > She solved the problem by forwarding my e-mail to a friend who was able to

      > open
      > my document and print it out for my cousin. This, of course, is not a
      > permanent
      > solution.
      > I know nothing about Vista so I would appreciate help from someone who
      > does.
      > Rene

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