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5592RE: another Vista problem

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  • LAK Research & Information Mgt
    Mar 4, 2009
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      Unfortunately, I know nothing about Vista at this time… and I’m not looking forward to requiring it based upon what I’ve heard!  I may be able to offer a solution, though. 


      It’s something that someone else on the dist-gen had sent out last year (Gord, maybe?).  You can create pdf files from any software and I would imagine that your recipients would be able to open those.


      The message from last year was for Primopdf (www.primopdf.com, I think).  It basically installs as a printer, so it’s really easy to use.  I use this ALL the time because it’s a way to send out information that anyone/everyone can read.  You just go to print your document and instead of using your regular printer, you’d select Primo.  Then it goes through a process which allows you to save it wherever you want.  Oh yes, an important note – it’s free!!


      It isn’t a true solution, but hopefully it’s something that makes it workable for your to exchange information.





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      Darn this Vista.


      We have vista 86Bit instead of 32bit  and we can't open any .pps files.  I have tried to follow the instructions given on Windows help and other help groups on the Net and the instructions simply don't work for our computer. 


      What does one do to create an association so that .pps files can be opened from the in box?


      desperate and frustrated



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