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5544RE: Possible redirect virus related to Google searches

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Jan 9, 2009
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      Hi Jim and all,


      Yes, I have found this virus attempting to do the same tricky stuff with my computer, but I use AVG and they pretty much update the virus detection daily. The result is it throttled the virus before it was embedded on my computer. AVG refused to allow the porn page to upload. So it tackled the beast with a two-prong approach. I wondered why a normally safe genealogy site I had visited before was not loading and why AVG was saying it was a bad site. I follow all the precautions of avoiding “fishy” sites, not opening any attachments unless I feel it is safe, but the most important precaution I take is keeping my antivirus software up to date. It is what saves the day on both email and websites.


      I also have a registry cleaner and an anti-spyware program - in addition to manually removing cookies daily or several times a day.


      I heard a computer expert on TV today saying “security and the Internet is an oxymoron!” So we need all the help we can get. I look forward to reading what you write for your April column Jim. Maybe you will touch on lessening the oxymoron!




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      Subject: Possible redirect virus related to Google searches


      Per one of my other genealogy mailing lists, there might be a new threat out there for Google users.  It has affected both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox users, so be wary.  If a Windows computer is so affected, the user will see all the normal Google pages looking okay, but clicking on any hyperlink will take them to porn sites.  While the ‘bad’ search sites are loading, the browser status bar will say “”  This is a recent virus so there is no guarantee your anti-virus will detect it, yet.  If interested, do a browser search on “ Google” for more information.  There is a technical way to remove the blighter if you get infected.  Come to the Computer SIG meeting this Saturday morning, 9:30am, if you want to discuss more.




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