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  • Judith Rempel
    Dec 29, 2008
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      I have a pay per view account with them and that suits me. I have also
      chosen to have a one-year international subscription With ancestry.com and
      have found it invaluable for my current research (I've saved over 100 images
      of census and other records), but once that's complete I may find other
      subscriptions provide more value.

      "Worth the cost" - what are your criteria? Each person has different
      * research resources (discretionary money)
      * research needs (e.g., to prove a line that will result in an inheritance,
      to clarify medical issues, etc.)
      * research wishes (do you want visual image proof of data or simply
      transcription indication of proof)
      * etc.

      Have you used the indexes (free) to determine that they likely have enough
      images of relevance to your research online to merit a subscription

      Come up with a rough number of how many images you expect to find, then
      divide the subscription cost by that number. Individual image proofs can
      cost $20-50 in some cases when you order from a government office - then one
      generally only gets the ones that they consider "essential". If you find
      the images at this site could average $5 or less - that's obviously a
      bargain in comparison. But $5 each for many images - is that within your
      genealogy budget?

      Have you compared what they have to offer versus ancestry.com or other
      subscriptions that you have (or could purchase - there are a lot of options
      now for UK)?

      While focused specifically on UK, FindMyPast also provides a good index to
      passenger lists from UK to Canada - voyages that were only the tail end of
      arrival in N America. So even if one doesn't have UK roots, the passenger
      lists can be very helpful (e.g., I've used it successfully to locate persons
      emigrating from Russia through England to Canada). I've also used their
      indexes successfully to pinpoint images in the Cdn National Archives
      unindexed passenger lists.

      My comments certainly aren't definitive, but perhaps these and other
      contributed criteria provide a basis for you to make a decision.


      Judith Rempel, B.A., M.A., Coordinator
      queries@... & rempel@...

      Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta

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      I am thinking of joining FindMyPast.com, and wondered what others have
      found. Is it worth the cost?

      Thanks for any responses in advance.
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