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5533Women Pioneers of Saskatchewan

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  • Joan Miller
    Dec 27, 2008
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      In commemoration of their 40th anniversary, the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society is publishing a book to honor the Women Pioneers of Saskatchewan.  The goal is to produce a record of the women who played a huge role in the settlement and growth of the province of Saskatchewan, Canada within the time frame of the 1800s to 1950.
      My grandmother Isabel (Woodland) Irvine was one of these remarkable women.She was also the family historian and she loved to write.  There is a 12 page document of her life (in her own words) outlining their homesteading years.  It is wonderfully descriptive and rich with details.
      My challenge, as the family historian and genealogist in my generation of our family tree, is to condense her story to 2000 words for the Women Pioneers of Saskatchewan publication.  My uncle Bob Irvine, the genealogist of his generation, has agreed to help.  We are indeed fortunate to have Grandma's writings.
      I encourage any of you others with Saskatchewan pioneering women in your family to please write their story. Include as many names and places as you can.  Brainstorm with the elders in your family and bring the story of these remarkable women to light.
      For more information about this publication, please see the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society webpage: http://www.saskgenealogy.com/general/Women_Pioneers.htm  The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2009.
      Happy Hunting!
      Joan Miller