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5494RE: DNA Testing in Calgary

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Nov 17, 2008
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      DNA Testing in Calgary

      Hi all,


      This is quite the timing. In the upcoming Chinook is an article I wrote about the Acadian Mothers mtDNA project and one of the new questions under Ask the Expert is who to use for DNA testing. Family Tree DNA

      Is the company that is doing the Acadian Mothers mtDNA project. I have spoken to someone from that organization several times. Not enough for a recommendation by itself, other than they were knowledgeable and protect the privacy of anyone who does not want their results revealed. The ones who shared their results for the Acadian Mothers Project did so willingly. Apparently 17 of the 20 participants.


      Anyway I wonder if the person who asked the question is the same one who submitted the question for the Ask the Expert column in Chinook. The question will appear in the January Chinook and the answer in the April issue. So I hope everyone who replies to Mabel will also let me know the responses so I can include their answers in the April Chinook, the deadline being February 1st .


      I limited myself to two pages for the Acadian Mothers project so it will not give all the information, pros and cons I wanted to include, but anyone interested be sure to read about  it in January 2009! As well there will be an article from Jim Benedict on how he found cousins using Y-DNA and a listing of great articles on DNA compiled and summarized by Linda Murray, the AFHS chief librarian! Seems like a very timely topic and we would be happy to receive more  articles on the topic. So send them and a copy of your answers to the DNA question to me at editor-chinook@...


      Xenia Stanford (president@...)

      Editor, Chinook 

      SIGS Contact: Ukrainian, Métis

      Phone: 295-3490; Fax: 274-0564

      Alberta Family Histories Society



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      Best bet for DNA testing is Family Tree DNA ,  http://www.familytreedna.com/   They run the National Geographic's Genographic Project and provide the most resources for the person requesting a DNA test.   FTDNA is run by genealogists  whose sole mission is to provide the best DNA test services for genealogists.   They do not sell software, books, information discs etc.  DO NOT consider any testing facility that does not provide surname projects or organizations such as Ancestry that provide DNA tests as an adjunct to their principal business.

      Your correspondent should check out the FTDNA website and see if a surname project exists  for their surname.   If it does a discount is available for all tests.   Advice is also available from the surname administrator as to which tests are advisable.  Just buying a DNA test because it is cheap is a waste of money.


      Suddie Bill

      Mabel Kiessling wrote:

      Hello Everyone:
      I have a query that wants to know who to contact to get DNA testing in Calgary?  If this is not possible, then where?  Thanks in advance for your help.

      Mabel Kiessling
      Queries Volunter
      Alberta Family Histories Society

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