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5462January Chinook deadline soon - call for DNA articles and other submissions

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Oct 23, 2008

      Hi folks,


      The November 1st deadline for the January 2009 Chinook fast approaches. This issue will feature a DNA story and I am hoping there are others who can write on this topic. Of particular interest are the pros and cons of using DNA for genealogy. The lead article is by Jim Benedict on how DNA resulted in finding relatives from far away. I will write on the Acadian founding mothers DNA project. If you can add to any piece to the DNA topic that would be great. Other articles are also welcome. They may not fit in this issue, but I keep a large computer folder and a fat paper file of articles for the future and who knows – yours, like Jim’s, may become the focus of a future issue.


      Short pieces are also welcome as fillers, as are the following:

      Surname Connections (where you use Chinook as the vehicle to find missing ancestors of a particular surname and place),

      Serendipity (where you report on the unique set of events that put you in contact with such ancestors or any missing piece of the puzzle that fell unexpectedly into your lap)

      Ask the Expert (where you ask a question that has been puzzling you and where you answer a question someone else has asked)

      Latest Genealogy News (where you submit the latest hot spot websites or recent genealogy news)


      If you have events to share from outside our Society, send these along and they will be forwarded to Laura Kirbyson, Assistant Editor of Chinook; and from inside our Society, please be sure to submit those too. Any committee or SIG reports are also very much appreciated by members.


      Columnists this is a heads up to you as well though I will be sending you a separate message.


      Thank you all for making the Chinook such an interesting magazine. I receive many compliments, but I could not do it without the wonderful Periodicals Committee headed by Rosemary Kry and the contributions of all the columns and articles.


      Xenia Stanford (president@...)

      Editor, Chinook 

      SIGS Contact: Ukrainian, Métis

      Phone: 295-3490; Fax: 274-0564

      Alberta Family Histories Society