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  • Lorna Laughton
    Oct 17, 2008
      Hi Rene and all:

      The AFHS Library has 7 of Colin Chapman's books:
      1) Ecclesiastical Courts: Their Officials & Their Records. Second Edition.
      1997. (Also titled as 'Sin, Sex & Probate'.)
      2) Growth of British Education and Its Records. Second Edition. 1992.
      3) Marriage Laws, Rites, Records & Customs. First Edition 1996.
      4) Pre-1841 Censuses & Population Listings in the British Isles. Fifth
      Edition. 1994.
      5) Tracing Your British Ancestors. Second Edition. 1999.
      6) Basic Facts About ... Using Education Records. FFHS. 1999.
      7) An Introduction to ... Using Newspapers and Periodicals. FFHS. 1993.

      The AFHS Library is planning on buying:
      1) Marriage Laws, Rites, Records & Customs. Second Edition.
      2) How Heavy, How Much & How Long? 1995.
      3) Tracing Ancestors in Bedfordshire. Second Edition. 1995.
      4) Tracing Ancestors in Northamptonshire. Second Edition. 2000.
      5) Tracing Ancestors in Rutland. First Edition. 1997.

      Personally, I have:
      1) Tracing Ancestors in Bedfordshire. First Edition.
      2) How Heavy, How Much & How Long?

      I don't know whether Colin has books for sale or not. Helen will know.
      His books are available on web site:


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      Last Saturday at the Computer Group meeting a question was raised about the
      books written by Colin Chapman.
      These are his books in my possession:
      Ecclesiastical Courts, Officials and Records.
      Marriage Laws, Rites, Records & Customs.
      Pre-1841 Censuses & Population Listings.
      Using Marriage Records for Family Historians.
      Using Newspapers and Periodicals.

      Some, or all of them may be in the AFHS library.
      Mr. Chapman may bring some books for display tomorrow but in case he doesn't
      have the above books I will bring them along.
      I can attest to the fact that they are very informative.
      Rene Dussome
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