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5433RE: Early French Handwriting

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Oct 8, 2008
      Hi Joyce and all,

      I wish to apologize to Joyce for my arrogant know it all messages that
      served to discredit her for a talk I did not attend, so for which I have no
      knowledge of what she said or did not say there. I thoughtlessly jumped in
      without properly stating that I was not in attendance and so my remarks were
      off the cuff.

      Although I did not intend to discredit her or devalue her advice, I realize
      that is how it came out and I am truly sorry.

      I too hope the unnamed gentleman and others try the website. Thank you Joyce
      for pointing it out. Another confession, I never visited the website before
      jumping into the discussion publicly. Also I was the one who should have
      taken the discussion off the list after seeing how my message came across to
      Joyce and probably to the rest of you. I should not have subjected those of
      you on this list to any of this discussion. My bad all around.

      I hope Joyce will forgive me and we can once again at least someday go back
      to our previous state of friendliness. I know I don't deserve it, but I hope
      Joyce will be the better woman and forgive me. I also hope it is not the
      last time she gives a talk. Although I did not attend, I know from the last
      Quebec SIG meeting she had valuable experiences and insight to offer me as
      well as the others in attendance.

      I know I will certainly strive to lose my know it all attitude and treat
      others with respect. Sometimes I must admit I just jump in to save the day
      when there is no saving necessary.

      With sincere apologies to Joyce and all of you,

      Xenia Stanford

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      From: J. Metcalfe [mailto:roots938@...]
      Sent: October 8, 2008 8:19 AM
      To: dist-gen@...; Xenia Stanford
      Subject: RE: Early French Handwriting

      Hi everyone on this list,

      Before this thread is, I hope, allowed to just die, there are three
      apologies I would like to make publicly:

      1) To the unnamed gentlemen to whom my initial post on this thread was
      addressed and intended - I'm sorry my original post to you initiated this
      catastrophe and I hope you will still consider investigating the URL I
      posted relative to your question. It is, in my opinion, a very good

      2) To Diane Granger - I'm sorry to forgetting and resorting to using
      quotation marks. It is a bad habit that I will have to work harder to

      3) To Xenia - I'm sorry to using the phrase "rip into." It was harsh and
      only served to exacerbate the situation.


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