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5389A plea for suggestions from Bob Petersen

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  • Marion Peterson
    Sep 4 3:21 PM
      Hello fellow AFHS members
      I received a phone call from Bob Petersen this afternoon. He is a member of AFHS, but is not on dist-gen. He knows me because I was Program Chair and asked me for some advice. I offered to post a message on his behalf to see if any of you can help.
      Bob and his wife will be celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary in January. He has come up with the idea of doing a dvd for his children but does not have the computer skills to do it himself. He would like to include photographs with voice over narration and some video clips. He has no idea how to find someone to help him out. He would be willing to pay a reasonable amount. If anyone has any suggestions for him or if anyone has done something like this and has advice, please contact Bob at bobpetersen@... or 272-9107.
      In addition, he has done a bit of family research, but would love to have some more genealogy research to include. It sounded like most of his roots are Irish and English so I gave him Ann Williams' (English SIG) and Donna Kirkwood's (Celtic SIG) phone numbers. If any of you would be willing to help, please also contact Bob.
      Marion Peterson
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