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  • Xenia Stanford
    Jun 13, 2008

      Hi all,


      Was this listed on the websites you put together? http://www.islandnet.com/~jveinot/cghl/quebec.html


      It links to searchable databases, such as the Cotes-de-Neiges Cemetery in Montreal and Quebec, and Eastern Townships Genealogy Includes a 515,000+ name searchable database. Extensive background articles on how to search for your roots in Quebec. Turn of the century maps.


      Lots more.


      If already on your list, this may be a reminder to look at it again!




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      Subject: QUEBEC SIG


      Good evening all,


      Just a wee reminder that the Quebec Sig will be meeting this Saturday June 7, 12-2 at the AFHS Library, 712, 16 Ave. NW.The suggested topic:" Immigration/Emmigration: Where did they come from?" We will explore Passanger lists; Ellis Island, Pier 21, etc. Please bring your ideas , thoughts, and comments.


      This will be our last meeting until Septermber.


      See you then


      Donna Kirkwood

      PS  The suggested Topic for September: "Migration: Where did they go?" [or How did you get to be here from Quebec?]   

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