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5325November 2008 meeting

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  • Rosemary Kry
    May 13, 2008
      In the November AFHS meeting this fall, the programme committee hopes
      to have a panel discuss resources other than the usual census
      records and BMD records. If you have :
      1. found something exciting pertaining to your family research
      2. used a non run-of- the-mill resource
      and 3. would not mind speaking for 5 - 7 minutes, to explain how you
      found your resource, what information it included and why it was
      exciting to you, and how other people might begin to find a similar

      This should be a fun, but very useful evening for members doing
      family research, who may not yet have considered those unusual
      sources that are out there.

      please contact me, Rosemary, at rosemary@...