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5212RE: Research: Investigating your family tree - First steps in researching family history

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  • Judith Rempel
    Jan 9, 2008

      And, all with English ancestry should look at this very short entry at Dick Eastman’s online newsletter which links to a massive set of useful links:


      http://blog.eogn.com/ - scroll to January 8, 2008 and click on “Continue Reading “Expert  Links”, then “Price & Associates”.


      And, because I can’t help but encourage all to look for Mennonites among their ancestors, I’ve got two good little tools for Mennonites:


      ·         Mennonite Genealogical Data Index - www.mennonites.ca

      ·         MHSA Finding Aids - http://www.mennonitehistory.org/aids/index.html


      Unsure if you have any “Mennos” in your background?  Consult the surname list at: http://calmenno.org/grandma/manual3.pdf (pp. 9-21).  It’s pretty darn near comprehensive and provides alternative spellings.


      Note:  Mennonite Surname codes were developed for Mennonite genealogy projects because Soundex didn’t adequately consider non-English pronunciations or linguistic roots of names.  These are much more commonly used in Mennonite genealogy work than Soundex.



      Judith Rempel, B.A., M.A., Coordinator

      queries@... & rempel@...


      Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta



      MHSA Blog



      Rempel Family






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      Received this link just before Christmas from my namesake in England. Thought it worthwhile to pass on.

      Alan Cassley.


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      Hello everybody,


      Just received the useful [& free] "Guide to Our Services" published by The General Register Office for England & Wales. Well worth getting. See the last paragraph in the link below.



      Best wishes,



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