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5172RE: Spanish Telephone Directory

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  • Christine Hayes
    Nov 14, 2007
      Hi Alan,

      Infobel has telephone directories for Spain


      I'm not sure if this will do what the person wants, it really only looks
      up what you ask it to, no variants. A good surname dictionary might be
      what he/she needs instead. Something like the "Dictionary of Surnames"
      by Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges gives origins and variants of
      surnames, including variations by country. We have it here at CPL and
      use it a lot for that kind of question.


      Christine Hayes
      Genealogy and Local History
      Calgary Public Library
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      Subject: Spanish Telephone Directory

      THis query from a member of the audience at the talk I gave at the
      Library last Saturday:
      "Where or how can I view a Spanish Telephone Directory to look for
      variants in surnames I am researching?"

      I suggested Public Library and Googling, but the person had already

      Can anybody help?

      Alan Cassley
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