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5159Found the skeleton where you didn't think you would find him/her? Was it serendipity?

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Nov 6, 2007

      The Fichtner mystery is solved. Now we need a Serendipity article. You know the skeleton you accidentally stumbled upon? Somewhere you didn’t think to look? Maybe you had already searched all the closets and were giving up every finding him/her?


      Perhaps some long-lost or never known cousin knew the truth all along but you never knew the cousin?


      I’m sure everyone of you has at least one such tale. So send it in with a photo, if you have one, and let everyone know how you just stumbled upon this treasure trove of information or even just that one key that opened the family treasure chest.


      Hmmm, let’s see – I think there are at least 300 people on dist-gen. So I am expecting at least 300 Serendipity stories. This should keep us going for a few issues!


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