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  • J. Metcalfe
    Sep 23, 2007
      Hi Mary,
      I've used a few different programs over the years and still tend to go back to Family Treemaker to produce quick, easy, and attractive charts (but I am using Version 11, so this aspect of the program may have changed substantially since then).  However, it has been my general impression that it has been a "leader" in the field of charting pretty much since it was first introduced.
      I found that Generations (a program that I believe is no longer available) could do a credible job and was very flexible (that is, one could readily personalize the charting format), but it was much more "fiddly" to get an attractive result.
      As an overall program, I predominantly use Legacy now.  As has been already posted, it does not currently have an imbedded charting program.  I can hardly wait until the next version (with a charting program on board) comes out.
      All the best,

      Mary Arthur <maryarthur@...> wrote:
      I would think that all of the programs would do an adequate job, they could attend a sig meeting or check out the demos.

      If there is only one chart wanted, I would recommend Legacy - its free. http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/ (assuming they are using a windows machine).

      On 21-Sep-07, at 20:08 , Mabel Kiessling wrote:

      Hello Everyone:
      Thank you to those folks that offer suggestions whenever I have a query for which I need help.   Once again, I need some suggestions.  A query is asking what we could recommend for a computer-based genealogy charting system that is both comprehensive and relatively easy to use.  The query has never used any software before.
      Mabel Kiessling
      Queries Volunteer
      Alberta Family Histories Society 

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