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5118Re: Genealogy Charting

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  • Joseph Szikora
    Sep 22, 2007
      Mabel Kiessling wrote:
      > Hello Everyone:
      > Thank you to those folks that offer suggestions whenever I have a
      > query for which I need help. Once again, I need some suggestions. A
      > query is asking what we could recommend for a computer-based genealogy
      > charting system that is both comprehensive and relatively easy to use.
      > The query has never used any software before.
      Hi Mabel:

      I like the "Brothers' Keeper" genealogy program. It is easy to use, and it
      can create nice charts. It is a shareware, so it can be downloaded free. The
      free version can plot 5 generations only. If you like it, you pay about 50$.
      However, from your message it is not clear, if the person has computer
      knowledge or not. Certainly, any genealogy program requires fundamental
      computer skills.

      The Brothers' Keeper program can be downloaded from the web page:



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