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  • Xenia Stanford
    Sep 11, 2007
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      Hi Mabel,
      Hospitals and/or doctors do record time of birth, just like they do time of death. Depending upon how long ago it was, these records may still exist in the hospital's or doctor's patient records. However, the retention period for such documents is usually a maximum of 30 years.
      Other places I have seen times of birth given are in newspaper announcements, family Bible or other such list of births and birth announcements sent out by the family.
      I am not sure if the time was sent to the government, but the person might want to check this out. It for sure is not listed on the standard birth certificate, but it may appear on the long form (genealogical version) Even in terms of the long forms there are two types - a hand, or now computer, generated completed form and a facsimile copy. The facsimile copy is made from the original record itself and will include all the details submitted. Whether time of birth was submitted to vital statistics depends what forms the hospital and/or doctor were required to complete. So this means what jurisdiction and what year(s) are involved. This determines the format used for collecting birth information.
      Having said all this, I have not found any written proof of the time I was born. My doctor had it, but he passed away a long time ago and no one knows what happened to his records. The hospital destroyed them after 25 years (the longest retention period I found was 30 and the shortest was 10 years). So I just have my relatives' word for it. The copy of my children's records show the date and time, but the long form from the Alberta government only shows the date. A nurse gave me a copy of the submission she filled out and the time was on this version.
      So it is worth asking if the time is on the photostatic copy of the original submission.
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      Hello Everyone:
      I have a query that wants to know how to find their time of birth.  I checked my own birth registration from Vital Statistics to see if time is shown but that is not the case.  Any suggestions how they can find the time?
      Mabel Kiessling
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