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5082FW: Canadian and Alberta history- great book for genealogists

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  • Mabel Kiessling
    Aug 22, 2007
      This book may be of interest to some of you.

      Mabel Kiessling

      This is a book that many genealogists will relate to. It is not merely the
      story of a family; it is the story also of the world they lived in and the
      experiences they encountered. Many chapters in the book take place in
      Central Alberta. The book was reviewed by Angus A. Glass in the March 2007
      edition of the British Columbia Genealogist.

      "This was a great book to read: it had all the elements of a novel..

      The family story is set against the backdrop of world, United States and
      Canadian affairs.

      .With some luck and great research she has produced a book that reads well
      and does not get bogged down in the minutiae of genealogy. Her story will
      probably strike a chord with many who are interested in genealogy.

      Available at public libraries, and

      In Alberta the book is available at:

      Greenwoods in Edmonton

      McNally Robinson in Calgary

      Glenbow Museum Gift Shop in Calgary

      Pop'lar Books in Camrose

      The research of the book was a fascinating adventure and the whole
      experience of writing it was a great pleasure. Readers seem to be enjoying
      it as well, if you read some of the comments. For further information
      please see my website where you may read some sample chapters.

      www.sailingshipsandspitfires.com <http://www.sailingshipsandspitfires.com/>

      http://www.borealispress.com <http://www.borealispress.com/>

      I will be interested to hear from anyone who has comments.


      Shirley Walker

      Mission B.C.

      604 826 2589