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5078FWD: Brian W Hutchison Genealogical Scholarships

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  • George Lake
    Aug 13, 2007
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      Hi All:

      If anyone has any ideas that can help Ms Church, please contact her directly.


      Geo Lake, Secretary
      Brian W. Hutchison Genealogical Scholarship Committee

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      From: Kathryn Church <k3church@...>
      Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 17:05:10 -0400


      I plucked the announcement of this scholarship off a bulletin board in the Fredericton public library (yes, I put it back!)....mostly because of my father, Stuart Church. He and my mother still live in the small Alberta town in which I grew up (brothers and their families too). In his eighties, with some typing and editing assistance from me, he has written, over four years, a family history working from old postcards and letters, with some interviewing of family members. He has traced things back five generations in Canada. I think that we have reached the final rough draft of his creation, and I am scanning in photos that he has selected from across the years. We are working towards some kind of document that can be circulated to family.

      I see that your scholarship is for formal study. I do not believe that my father would undertake that.... and is perhaps past the point where it would have helped. But we could use assistance with production. And I suspect that I will "roll" his work here into a larger book project of my own. It will connect it with some work I did with my mother, Lorraine, regarding her work as a small town dressmaker (featured as a museum exhibit called "Fabrications: Stitching Ourselves Together" a few years back.)

      Can you suggest places where I could apply for assistance in the completion of this labour of love? It has been a private effort so far.

      Thank you for your advice.


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