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5076Re: Translation help needed

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  • Joseph Szikora
    Aug 9, 2007
      Carol Lylyk wrote:
      > In transcribing the St. Mary's Cemetery we have come across a couple of names that I believe to be possibly Yugoslavic
      > or Croatian or ??? I was wondering if possibly anyone subscribing to Distgen would be willing to make a stab at
      > translating the monument? These are the names from the burial records but I am unable to say for sure if Barbara is
      > the other name on the monument. I can forward a .jpg showing the names.
      > Edocs, Barbara
      > Edocs, Ferencne
      > Thank you.
      > Carol Lylyk
      Hi Carol:

      The names look Hungarian to me. Send me the pictures and I'll have a look
      at them.
      Hungarians being mostly Catholic, most of them were buried in St. Mary's. I
      have may friends buried there.


      Joseph Szikora

      E-Mail addresses: jszikora<at>telus.net
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