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  • J. Metcalfe
    Jul 28, 2007
      I think two big questions you have to answer first is what do you want to do with your scanner (photos, 35 mm negatives, odd size negatives, pdfs and/or OCR docs, email, etc.
      I have two Canons and like them both for different reasons - The FB630U is older but it is very small and compact and propelled completely from the power of my laptop (i.e. I don't need to plug it in to us it, although it doesn't shorten the length of time my laptop will run of the battery by a bit).  It's great to use while travelling and still produces a great digital image from a photo after all these years.  It does not do negatives.
      More recently, I bought a Canon 9950F, it's fast and does a wide variety of negative sizes.  It also does great PDFs and OCR (Word) docs.  It will also attach to my printer to do photocopies and it does scans to email (although I haven't used these features yet).  It cost a pretty penny more than the FB630U, but it probably has come down some in the seven months since I bought it.  I was able to buy it here in Calgary.
      Another note, technology is changing at such a pace that this email will probably be obsolete before I can hit the send button.
      Hope this helps,

      Carole May <clmay@...> wrote:
      Hi everyone,
      I’m in the market for a good flatbed scanner.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I have a good printer, so don’t want to get a combination printer/scanner/copier.
      Carole May

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