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  • william campbell
    Jul 9, 2007
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      Hi Folks:

      I received this query today from a lady in Alaska.

      My name is Larisa Myers-McCoin.  I have been trying to find some information on the Campbell family who lives in Calgary, Canada.  My grandmother was born and raised in Calgary, Canada, she was Ada Lois Campbell.  My grandmother had my father and Aunt very late in life.  She died when I was just a young child.  My father gave me pictures that are of the Campbell family.  She never talked about the family, but I have a lot of  pictures.  I would just like to know a little about my grandmother’s  family and if someone would know who the people are in the pictures. 

        One of the pictures were taken in December 1919, of the Campbell Family in Calgary, Canada.  Some of the names are Winnie, Grandma Ada, Wilma, Grandpa Joseph, Norman, and his wife –Gene, Auston, Irving, Kenneth all the Campbell Family in Calgary, Canada.  By the look of the people, the grandma Ada and Grandpa Joseph was her grandparents.

      My grandmother married Wayne Harper of the United States.  He was from California what I understand (Mr. Harper has also pasted away), but they both lived in Bend, Oregon,  and were Ada Lois Campbell (Harper) died (my grandmother).  

      I have done everything trying to find the Campbell Family.  Everything is coming up at a dead end.  It seems that Ada Lois Campbell  and the Calgary, Canada Campbell family disappeared.

      She may think she has done everything but there are always alternatives.

      Anyone have a connection to this Campbell family?

      Anyone like to offer a suggestion or two on a next course of action for her?




      CALGARY, Alberta, CANADA