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  • Christine Hayes
    Jul 4, 2007

      I am sorry that all of you who had been able to access Ancestry Library Edition from home are no longer able to do so.  As I tell the participants in my programs, we do this for your own protection (;-) but the truth of the matter is that our subscription provider, Proquest CIS is bound by an agreement with the owner of Ancestry.com to provide only in-library access to library customers.  The loop-hole that allowed in-home access appears to have been closed by the recent revamp of our E-Library.  The links to the history and genealogy databases are still there, but they are grouped together in the Subject Find area under “History and Genealogy”.  This is where we have put subscriptions like Toronto Star: Pages from the Past, Heritage Quest, Times of London Digital Archive, and Ancestry.  I hope you will all still continue to use these valuable databases.  If you have any questions, please give us a call.  The number in Humanities is 260-2785 or you can contact your branch. 


      Christine Hayes

      Genealogy and Local History

      Central Library