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5008Yoodle-Lady-Hoo I'm Back and I want your Family Reunion stories, tips and lessons learned!

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  • Xenia Stanford
    May 13, 2007
      Hi all,
      I ask you who have had family reunions to submit your stories, tips and lessons learned from your family gatherings. Photos are always nice as well. So please think about this and send me your stories before you go off on summer vacation, as the deadline for our October issue is August 15.
      I am back from a family reunion myself. Over 150 members of the Niedermoser family gathered in Austria from Canada, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The Niedermoser family has been traced to about 1700 to Valentin Niedermoser of Waidring, Tirol (Tyrol is the more common anglicization but Tirol is what they have on the maps over there!)
      From Waidring the family spread to St. Jacob-in-Haus, Fieberbrunn, St. Johann-am-Pillersee and other areas nearby. Two Niedermoser family members immigrated to Canada in 1908. The descendants of those two women are now found in Alberta and British Columbia. One woman's children bear her married name, but the other had her children before she married. Thus there are some in Canada who still have this surname.
      Eleven descendants of these two women made the trip. It was an amazing eyeopener and I am excited to tell you more in the October issue. I hope you will think back on a family reunion you attended or organized, whether this was in North America or abroad. Please tell us about it.
      Who was the common ancestor of all?
      When did he or she live and where?
      How many attended the reunion and from where did they travel to attend?
      What were the organized activities?
      What would you keep the same? What would you change for next time?
      Send photos of the ancestor and/or reunion attendees/events and/or maps of the ancestral area. 
      I want to devote the October issue to reunions. That does not mean no other articles will be accepted but the more reunion stories, tips and lessons, the better.
      So start writing!

      Xenia Stanford (president@...)

      Editor, Chinook 

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