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4971Re: Problem with Zone Alarm

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  • H. Phil Duby
    Apr 1, 2007

      I am not currently using Zone Alarm.

      From the headers on your email, you are a Shaw customer. Any of the Shaw
      internet products include a free subscription / key for "Shaw Secure". Shaw
      Secure is a complete bundle of Internet protection products: Firewall,
      Anti-virus, Spyware proection, Pop-up blocker, all with automatic updates.
      The (also free) "extended" version includes parental controls and spam

      To get it, go to the shaw home page at http://www.shaw.ca/ Click on
      "Internet Support" under "Customer Care". On that page select "Shaw Secure"
      from the Internet extras technical support list. That page should have
      everything you need to get going.

      The headers for your email do not show enough about your computer to tell if
      it meets the minimum requires to run Shaw Secure, so make sure to check out
      that information on the above page.

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      Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2007 7:33 PM
      Subject: Problem with Zone Alarm

      > Hi - is anyone else having a problem with the latest Zone Alarm update? It
      > has a window come up with a Junk Mail Filter and Anti Spam filter, and I
      > notice it's made folders for these. As soon as my e-mail starts to
      > I get a message Outlook has encountered a problem and has to close. The
      > e-mail slowly get downloaded but I can't get to it to read it. I finally
      > uninstalled it and reloaded an earlier update and now don't get that
      > problem, but my firewall is outdated.
      > Donna Snyder
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