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  • Xenia Stanford
    Mar 29, 2007
      Hi all,
      Can you believe it! I have many of the slots for the July issue of Chinook filled. However, the Queries section is empty. It cannot be that we have had all the possible queries published even though last time the call for queries resulted in some very interesting ones. Soon I hope to hear from those who had a query last time that they now have a Serendipity article. You cannot pass up the opportunity that this may happen to you!
      Remember you can have two free queries a year if you are a member of AFHS. It is only $5.00 per query if you have more than that or if you are a non-member.
      So let's dust off those Bible entries, census records and other documents that show dead-ends. Then send the query along to me to be entered in the next Chinook and soon you may find more information than you had thought possible. At least that's what I hope for my missing little Victoria. She is not a direct ancestor of my children but a sibling to Joseph Stanford II, their great grandfather. She was on one census record and that is all I have of her. I am going to enter her as a query and see what pops up!
      Surely you too have some mysterious person in your family history.  We even accept direct ancestor deadends. So unless you have your genealogy back to BC, you have at least one query.
      So let's hear it!
      Send it to me and your mystery will go to our many members and to places where we exchange journals: US, UK and Australia. Who knows who may have the answer. After all, the late Doug Stobbs had connections to my children and so does Irene Oikle. Mertie Beatty uncovered a mystery for a woman in BC. Not because she was related but because she had taken a photo of a tombstone that had the answers to this woman's mystery and even a step beyond.
      I always say "Be nice to everyone. You may be related." So let's get going and see who might be related to the mysterious ancestors we seek.

      Xenia Stanford (president@...)

      Editor, Chinook 

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