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4945Response to 'informed consent' in 2006 Census

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  • Carol Lylyk
    Mar 17, 2007
      I imagine there were many people who did not understand the
      question as it was worded,
      and now realize they would rather have answered "yes" to allow
      access after
      92 years.

      Is there any recourse that can be taken to challenge how it was

      What if people were able to individually go in and change their
      answer now,
      especially if they were publicly made aware of what really
      happened and the
      consequences of it. (A large number of people doing this would
      have some effect on it).

      Census records has always been a main starting point for
      genealogy research,
      and without that we are at a huge loss. It will be even more
      difficult to
      research in the future with different lifestyle patterns being


      This site allows you to change your response to the opt out
      clause in the 2006 census. If you want future generations to be
      able to find you on the census you can know change your answer.

      Carol Lylyk