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4928Definition of Third-Generation

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  • J. Metcalfe
    Feb 26, 2007
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      Hi Everyone,
      I am working on a term paper for university and need a consensus on the specific genealogical definition of "third-generation" when it is used, for example, to say "I am third-generation _________" (e.g. Canadian, English, French, Ukrainian, etc.). 
      Does it mean that:
      a) both of a person's parents were born in the reference country, or
      b) at least one parent and one grandparent were born in the reference country, or
      c) both grandparents were born in the reference country, or
      d) something else entirely (please elaborate).
      I would like to get as many responses as possible, since individual impressions of what the term means are as important to my paper discussion as the formal definition (which I also haven't been able to find in the dictionary - only something about computer technology - go figure ;0)
      Thank you,
      Joyce Metcalfe

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