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  • J. Metcalfe
    Jan 3, 2007
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      It seems unlikely that Canada had much (if any) official involvement in the First Boer War (which lasted only slightly longer than three months from mid-December 1880 to late-March 1881).  The following website gives a listing of the battles between the British and the Transvaal Dutch.
      This series of skirmishes is also known as the Transvaal Rebellion, and is covered in the book of that name by John Laband (2005).  This University of Calgary library has one copy of this book (Cat. No. DT2354 .L33 2005).
      All the best,

      Tara Shymanski <tshymanski@...> wrote:
      Wars aren't my history specialty.  Is anyone able to help him out?

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      History tells there were two boer wars –I am wondering did Canada actually send people in the first conflict..
      Regards gordon

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