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  • Pat Townshend Alnes
    Dec 30, 2006
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      If your PC has enough space availble..........
      Why not try a free download PAF 5.2 from Family Search and make a  gedcom file transfer of your PAF3 files. Make sure you do a BACKUP of genealogy files on PC as well as on a CD or diskett before you start. Also there is a PAF Companion for chart printouts as well as the PAF print out reports on the PAF 5.2.
      I believe the writeup for PAF 5.2 says it coverts PAF 3 & 4 files to it's format.
      I used PAF 5.2 for quite some time & then went over to Legacy but still keep odd and end files using PAF 5.2 as it is quick to enter info into it and run through when one is looking for info.
      I now use the Legacy pocket PC program on my HP PDA when on holiday instead of carring my laptop now.
      I do a complete printout twice a year of all my files as a double safe guard and never through away any of my notebooks used during researching/searching.
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      Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2006 3:43 AM
      Subject: PAF companion

      Seasons Greetings,

      For years I have been using PAF 3 to keep my records in.
      Several years ago someone mentioned that DESCEND
      was a good companion program to do print-outs from PAF 3.
      DESCEND now will not handle the approximately 5000 names
      that I wish to print.

      Does anyone know of a companion program to PAF that will do a
      similar print-out? for more than 5000 names???

      Thank you,

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