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4824Sources in Descendant Reports (Legacy 6.0)

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  • J. Metcalfe
    Dec 29, 2006
      I'm hoping that some kind soul out there can help me sort out a problem I am having with Legacy 6.0 (which I just purchased at the Family Roots seminar).  In either a Descendant Report or a Descendant Narrative Report, my sources only show up for the lineal descendants and not for their spouses.
      For example, the following two paragraphs are from a Descendant report for the descendants of John Metcalfe and Mary Ness that I have been trying to generate today:
      1.  John Metcalfe,(1, 2, 3, 4, 5) son of John Metcalfe and Ann, was born about 1780 in Cherry Burton, E. Yorkshire, England.
      John married Mary Ness, daughter of John Ness and Martha Marson, on July 27, 1806 in Huggate, E. Yorkshire, England.  Mary was born about November 1780 in Nafferton, E. Yorkshire, England.
      It shows the five sources for John Metcalfe (i.e. the superscript 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in brackets after his name).  However, there are no similar numbers after Mary Ness’s name.  The report doesn't show that I also have several sources attached to Mary in the file.  Her sources (which I dutifully entered) will never see daylight, unless I run a separate report that starts specifically with her rather than John (in which case I lose John’s sources).
      Since their descendants are both the same, it seems somewhat ridiculous to have to run two reports just to pick up all the relevant sources (and after fighting most of the day with this, I am no longer laughing).
      Is there some sort of toggle I've missed - a way I get all the spouse's sources to show up in a descendant report?
      All the best,

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