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4816Re: DNA Genealogy

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  • Caren Secord
    Dec 19, 2006
      Hello -

      My husband and I have had DNA testing done by Family Tree DNA. We have both
      had our mitochondrial DNA tested. That follows the maternal line all the
      way back. My husband has also had his y chromosome tested. That follows
      the paternal line. The y chromosome testing is particularly useful for
      genealogy purposes. Results are posted on my website. (See

      Caren Secord

      > Joseph Szikora wrote:
      >> On a Czech genealogy mailing list came the following offer:
      >> We are pleased to offer several Holiday Discount Certificates for DNA
      >> testing for new participants in the worldwide Czech DNA Project. The
      >> certificates are first-come-first-served and are valid until 31
      >> December. These holiday discounts are in addition to the normal discount
      >> for those joining the worldwide Czech DNA Project.
      >> My question is: has anybody any opinion about this subject? I saw a
      >> boot on DNA testing on this years Genealogy conference.
      >> Merry Christmas and cheers,
      >> Joseph.
      >> More info can be found on the page:
      >> (http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Czech)
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