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  • william campbell
    Nov 16, 2006
      Hi again folks:

      If you saw the message below a couple of weeks ago and are considering offering a little of your time to plan next year's Historic Calgary week the time is perfect to let me know that you would be willing to help.
      The next planning meeting is on Monday afternoon.
      AFHS would like to be involved again and needs to help a little in putting this wonderful event together.

      I know you will enjoy working with a fine group of history-focused volunteers.

      Call me at 254-2293 if I can help with more information.

      Once more we have been invited by the Chinook Country Historical Society to participate in their highly successful annual Historic Calgary Week being planned for the end of July 2007.

      Of course the AFHS has accepted their invitation. It provides excellent exposure for our Society  - a great opportunity to increase public awareness.

      In the past we have provided speakers for an evening lecture at  the Central Park Memorial Library. We have also opened our Library and warmly invited the public to visit our collection.

      There are several requests that have been tabled at the recent planning meeting for the event and we ask all members to offer their suggestions and ideas-
      1. The planning committee is open to suggestions for a theme. It should relate to Calgary of course and perhaps tie with some other event happening in 2007 in this City.
      2. There are tasks to be performed if it is to be a success. There are four committees to be struck,
                        Brochure Preparation
          If you or a friend would like to contribute some of your time and            talent in this worthwhile and exciting event please contact me by email or phone (254-2293) and I can give you more details. 

      CALGARY, Alberta, CANADA
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