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  • Xenia Stanford
    Oct 23, 2006
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      Hi one and all,
      It is time to stick out my editor's hat to see what will fall in! The deadline is November 15 but it is always good to give you a headstart to begin working on articles or your columns.
      I heard from a couple of people who said they really enjoyed the "favourite ancestor" section of the Chinook. Winners and runners-up were announced and their articles were then given to the Chinook editor.This was a contest many moons ago.  This was long long ago before some of you were members. I think it was actually a turn of the century project (the twenty-first!). Seems long ago to me. Anyway I am sure the articles have long been put to bed either in the Chinook or in some dusty bin.
      So I challenge you once again to put on your thinking cap and describe your favourite ancestor. Give us some reasons to love him or her. A photo of the ancestor is always great.
      Speaking of love - the opposite is hate. Maybe you have a least favourite ancestor. One perhaps who is being especially elusive or perhaps one who brought shame to the family name. Perhaps you had an ancestor like my children's in Montreal who made it rain every time I went to the cemetery to see his headstone. It rained so hard each visit that I had to return to Calgary without the information from his headstone. He even broke the computer so it would not print out his information. Finally another person directly related went to the cemetery and obtained the information for me. Obviously I was not close enough kin for him.
      Or perhaps you are related to one of the outlaws of the Wild West or a remittance man from England.
      So fame or shame, it is time to bring the ancestor out of the closet and expose him or her. I cannot promise to publish them all in one issue but there is always the next issue for the next ancestor. Hmmm - double entendre?
      If not a favourite ancestor, perhaps you have some hints for those of us who have lost the trail of our ancestors? 

      Xenia Stanford (president@...)

      Editor, Chinook 

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