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4671Dick Eastman - Genealogy Discussion on Skype

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  • Judith Rempel
    Aug 17, 2006
      Last week I was one of about 23 inaugural participants on Dick's genealogy chat 'conference call'. Others were from US mostly, but also Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, New Zealand and Australia. One other Canadian.

      Intriguing. It was mostly to test out the pros and cons and possibilities. Tonight (#2 of weekly planned chats) there will be an effort to focus on a topic.

      Join in to help define the focus - it's wide open. And, not all participants are techies.

      Just requires that you d/l Skype software (skype.com), develop an identity/password, and invest in a decent headset/microphone combination. Mine from Staples that came "skype certified" was just about $20.

      Anyone going to join us tonight?

      Judith (Judii) Rempel